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We connect with the emotions of your guests We create powerful restaurant & hotel branding

The potential of the branding and marketing for the restaurant industry are endless. We are not just a food marketing agency but a complete gastronomy expert that looks to help our clients to make successful communication and create traffic converting it to sales.

With the proper technology and creative restaurant storytelling, Food and Beverage companies can harness the power to create marketing magic.

Branding and communication

Communication and
marketing strategy
blow up your flavors

We implement all the online and offline tools that the brand needs for communication. We constantly manage the daily communication operations of the company, creating original social media marketing for restaurants, powerful campaigns and following all the latest hospitality trends. Cooking Europe can be your restaurant marketing agency.

  • Website & CMS management.
  • Keywords study + Copywriting + SEO.
  • Social Media + Content calendar.
  • Sales funnels + ADS/SEM campaigns.
  • Offline actions, influencers and press media.
  • Digital benchmark.


and design
touching the emotions

Our restaurant and hotel branding team meet to analyze the right image that the Food and Beverage concept needs. The brand comes to life designing and picturing all the necessary elements such as name, logo, color palette… Branding is the key to create a powerful communication of the hospitality concepts.

  • Brand mark/logo.
  • Family of colors: primary & secondary + usage guidelines.
  • Correct & incorrect usage of brand elements guidelines.
  • Brand typefaces (print and online fonts).
  • Food branding, restaurant branding.
  • Photo and Imagery Style Guidelines.
  • Illustration and support elements style.
  • Design support system (material & patterns) application guidelines.



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