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Noir et Blanc: Creating a Sustainable Hospitality Concept


Cooking Europe.Tilburg, June 30th 2023.

Welcome to our latest project, NOIR ET BLANC, where our team of hospitality experts is embarking on a mission to create a sustainable hospitality concept that celebrates the unique flavors and cultural richness of each region of the world.


At Cooking Europe, we understand that today’s customers are not just looking for a product but a complete experience that engages their senses and values their connection to the world around them, for that reason we have to keep in mind the guest expectations in the hospitality industry.


To achieve this vision, we are committed to crafting a practical and innovative proposal that resonates with our clients and responds to the current demands of the world. Our goal is to create a gastronomic experience that is not only delicious but also environmentally responsible, socially inclusive, and economically sustainable.


Join us on this exciting journey as we explore new flavors, ingredients, and techniques, while respecting the traditions and diversity of the world’s culinary heritage. Whether you are a restaurant owner, a sustainability enthusiast, or simply curious about new gastronomic trends, we invite you to be part of our community and share your ideas and feedback. Together, we can create a better world, one dish at a time.



Cooking Noir et Blanc


NOIR ET BLANC has developed with the idea in mind of creating an original project that adapts to people’s daily lives, where they can relax and abstain from the chaos of the world. By blending flavor, texture, scent, sight, and atmosphere into a one sensory experience, Noir et Blanc connects with the guest through their senses and gives free rein to their passion for chocolate, coffee, and sweets.


Walking along the most central avenue of the most cosmopolitan city, waiting for our next flight to leave for our new adventure, in the office building of our company…. In all these places and many more you can find Noir et Blanc. We have created a hospitality concept that can be taken to all parts of the world and can be adapted to each region, culture and demographic. Always wanting to value the cultural and gastronomic diversity of each place, we know that Noir et Blanc has to be a sustainable hospitality project. That place that respects the environment and is designed for the comfort of the client taking into account the economic, cultural, social and environmental aspects of the local environment.


And how will you know that you have reached this very special location? With the smell of chocolate and fresh coffee, the relaxation of your view with green and cream colors, comfortable furniture, natural lighting and that music that transports you to disconnect. Let’s go inside Noir Et Blanc!

Noir et Blanc: Sustainable in concept and design


Noir et Blanc was created with the idea of connecting people to themselves through the two heart medicines of chocolate and coffee. The name, which means “Black and White” in French, reflects the simplicity and elegance of these two products. 

With the idea of simplicity and schematicity, we added the chocolate bean to the logo, based on the identity of the product offered. That product that has been traveling the world for years and offering moments of pleasure even in the most remote places.

Looking for that place where the client wants to go in their day to day, we design a first sustainable and cozy restaurant interior that offers comfort and relaxation to people, at Noir et Blanc we present an interior that evokes that relaxation.

Working with colors that influence the mood of people and that leads to wanting to spend as much time as possible inside the establishment. The chosen colors for Noir et Blanc are:


– Green, symbolizing the nature where chocolate and coffee come from, and helping relaxation.

– White, transmitting purity and serenity.

– Beige or cream tones, helping to calm the mind and promote rest.


To make the client feel welcome, our team of restaurant interior designers has created a sustainable, modern and cozy interior designed with different materials and furniture produced with products with little impact on the environment. Thus, we can find upholstered benches and comfortable chairs made with recycled products that make us want to spend a long time in them. Details in the windows or furniture that allow natural light to enter but that offer us the sensation of separation between the exterior and the interior, granting that escape from the world that we want to achieve in this experience.



A crystal distributor captures our attention from the first moment, showing us the products offered and calling the guest to enter the premises. As well as a large library of natural materials with a small space that offers privacy.

Noir et Blanc is that F&B concept that can be created in any location. The interior is strategically designed to be able to be transported and adapted to locations of different sizes, different architectures…


We find multifunctional equipment and sustainable tableware, which allow us to be used for different functions. For example, with commercial kitchen equipment that can be used for different types of cooking, thus saving space and energy, and reducing the initial cost of different high-cost machinery.



Sustainable with the client


At Cooking Europe we always keep in mind that the basis of any hospitality concept is to achieve a unique, distinctive and strong position. For this, it is necessary to analyze the environment, the target group and the latest gastronomy trends.


With Noir et Blanc, we are creating a project that can be adapted to each culture and environment. And this is easy with our concept, we have the base, chocolate and coffee, the two most consumed products worldwide. Which are adapted to each culture, being able, for example, to offer chocolates combined with products from Asian culture, or coffees produced with local grains in Indonesia.


With this sustainable cafe, we connect with the client’s values, they are the center of our business. Upon entering the cafe they have to disconnect from all those problems and chaos that are there day to day. Noir et Blanc is that place that you always have on your list of places to go, whether it’s to read a book, work in peace or spend a long time with that person you don’t see often. Noir et Blanc achieves the mental sustainability of the client.



Sustainable with the product


The Cooking Europe food and beverage consultant have lit their stoves to achieve this sustainable menu with the environment. A menu that surprises the customer and wins him over to want to have these elaborations in his day to day.

The main product, chocolate, is made with cocoa grown on sustainable plantations that help cocoa farmers prosper. All chocolate products are made at the cafe, offering our customers the unique and unmistakable aroma of chocolate. We offer a wide range of flavors that you cannot imagine together, but that when savored will surprise the guest. Likewise, these chocolates are presented in different forms and experiences.


But, Noir et Blanc, it’s not just chocolate, specialty coffee is also offered. Made with care from the start. A coffee for each person, for each moment. That is why each coffee is made to measure. In order for the guest to want to spend a long time in the establishment, Noir et Blanc also offers delicacies for lunch or between meals. Our team of chefs uses the best local and seasonal ingredients, developing a menu of 100% natural recipes, and with a menu that changes according to the season and the cuisine trends. With a menu adapted to all audiences, we can also find a selection of snacks and vegan dishes. From seasonal soups, salads, different snacks, sandwiches or sweets can be found at Noir et Blanc.


Noir et Blanc a Cooking Europe concept


The engine of the Cooking Europe gastronomy experts team continues developing our new hospitality concept every day. Looking for new magnificent locations to offer a complete guest experience. Analyzing each location to adapt Noir et Blanc to the interior, the architecture, the environment offer and the commercial model of each one.


Do you have or know of a location that could be perfect for Noir et Blanc? Do you want your clients to relax and disconnect from the current chaos? Wishing to bring the aroma of chocolate and coffee to the whole world? Talk to our restaurant developers team today! We are your hospitality consulting company and we will be very happy to help you to install this beautiful sustainable hospitality concept.


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