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Diversity Recruitment For Your Restaurant Or Hotel


Cooking Europe. Tilburg, 2nd Ferbruary 2023.

How can we implement equal hiring practices and prevent workplace discrimination?

At Cooking Europe, we are specialists in recruiting hospitality talent for hotels, restaurants and catering. To do this, we go through a rigorous procedure to hire the best employees for your hotel or restaurant. In this process, we always have one goal in mind: reducing recruitment bias and barriers to recruitment.


Our recruiting team are experts in diversity hiring. What does that mean exactly? Cooking Europe takes special care to ensure that there is no discrimination in the hiring process based on factors such as age, gender, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability or other personal characteristics unrelated to job performance.

  1. Equal recruitment process

The process of recruiting staff for your hotel or restaurant business is no different from the process you go through every day. It is the person in charge who has to adapt to diverse recruitment. In each of the major stages of hiring – job description, search, selection and interviewing process – you must be aware that prejudices and discriminatory practices are lurking. We must commit to recognizing and rejecting these practices. There are several ways in which your restaurant or hotel can deal with this discrimination:

publish a clear job vacancy that eliminates discriminatory language, carry out the interview with a format of standardized questions adapted to the position required and avoid prejudice during the job interview.


2.-Provide the required instruction and a reporting protocol.


Training everyone of your workers—from the kitchen or service staff to your team leaders and your HR department—is the first thing you should do if you want to end workplace prejudice. The workers at your hotel or restaurant must be aware of and abide by the anti-discrimination policy at your business. They must also have the freedom to express their views and protest potential labor violations.



3.-Present the same working conditions.


No matter the candidate’s age, sex, ethnicity or personal preferences, the working conditions outlined in a job offer must be the same. Establish an Equal Opportunities Plan that ensures that the same conditions are presented to all your staff, the same job promotions, training and personal development, as well as working conditions, remuneration and working hours.



¿Do you need to expand your team in your restaurant or hotel and want to ensure that the recruitment of your talent is 100% equal? The Cooking Europe team will work with you to quickly assemble a qualified, competitive and equal team for your hotel or restaurant. Contact us via or send us an email to


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