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Cooking Europe VOF, hereinafter referred to as Cooking Europe, processes your personal data as a controller, because you visit our website, fill in the contact form, or apply for a job at our organisation, respond to a vacancy or show interest in working for other companies in a different way or. Cooking Europe processes your personal data in accordance with the applicable privacy laws, including the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”). In this statement, Cooking Europe will inform you about how your personal data is processed in the framework of the aforementioned activities and which rights you have in that context.


What is personal data?

Personal data is data that can be directly or indirectly traced back to a natural person. This can include; name, address, place of residence, date of birth or images. In addition to the ‘regular’ personal data, there is so-called special personal data. This is considered to be even more sensitive. Examples include health data, cultural background or political affiliation. Cooking Europe does not process special personal data for the aforementioned activities.


Which of your personal data do we process especially when you visit the website, fill in the contact form or apply for a job?

  1. Visiting our website
    When you visit our website, Cooking Europe collects some of your data. This includes the name of your internet provider, your operating system, your browser type, the route you take within our website (the pages you visit), the date and the length of the visit.
  2. Filling in our contact form
    The contact form on our website indicates which information we require from you (the so-called input fields). This concerns your name, your company name (if applicable), your e-mail address, your telephone number and your question to us (and any (personal) details that you mention here).
  3. Upon applying
    If you apply for a job with us, for example via our website, we mainly process your name, e-mail address and all information contained in the documents that you submit, including the information in your motivation letter or Curriculum Vitae.


What do we use this data for?

  1. Visiting our website
  2. Filling in the contact form
  3. Upon applying


1. Visiting our website:

The data collected through the website is primarily used by Cooking Europe for statistical objectives. This includes registering the number of visitors, the average duration of the visit, whether the website is viewed from a desktop or mobile version, etc. We then use this information to optimise the website for visitors and make it as easy and pleasant as possible for you.

2. Filling in the contact form

We use the data you submit in the contact form to be able to make and maintain contact with you. We can answer your questions or provide the requested information. We can also treat any complaints and disputes related to our products and services and solve these to the best of our abilities. If you show interest in our products or services, we can make you a suitable offer on the basis of your wishes.

3. Upon applying

If you apply for one of our vacancies through the website, submit an open application or otherwise show interest in working for other companies, we will process the data you submit.

We use your data to make and maintain contact with you, answer your questions or provide the requested information. We will of course use your data to make a selection of candidates, and then decide with which candidates we will or will not begin a further selection procedure. Your data will also be processed during this procedure, for example to give you access to our building if necessary. Your data will also be processed if Cooking Europe decides to offer you employment and an employment contract has to be drafted. Finally, it may be the case that personal data is processed for complaints or disputes regarding the procedure.

If you do not wish to provide certain personal data, we may not be able to carry out certain actions. For example, if you do not provide or provide incorrect contact details, we cannot react to your contact request via the form or go through the application procedure with you. You may be asked for additional details during the application procedure, where the non-disclosure of these could lead to the termination of the application procedure.

Cooking Europe only processes the acquired personal data of website visitors, through the contact form and of job applicants for the aforementioned purposes. If Cooking Europe intends to use your personal data for other purposes, Cooking Europe will contact you and offer you the opportunity to object to further processing. This will take place before further processing, sharing the information about this other purpose and all other relevant information with you.


Legal bases processing

The processing in the context of the aforementioned purposes each have at least a legal base. These legal bases will be explained below.

The legal basis of permission applies if you have given Cooking Europe free, explicit, unambiguous permission to process your personal data. If Cooking Europe processes personal data on the basis of the permission given by you, you have the right to withdraw this permission at all times. If processing takes place on the basis of the permission given by you, no further processing may take place after you have withdrawn this permission. Withdrawing the permission is without prejudice to the legality of processing before the withdrawal of the permission.

Precontractual measures
In some cases, we base the processing on your request to take action before concluding an agreement with the goal of being able to conclude this agreement. If you for example wish to enter into an employment contract with Cooking Europe, it is necessary to process certain aforementioned personal data in this context.

Balance of interests
The processing of your personal data is in some cases necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests of Cooking Europe or a third party. In that case, Cooking Europe will evaluate whether your interests and legal bases or fundamental freedoms outweigh these legitimate interests. Only if this is not the case will Cooking Europe process your personal data on the basis of the principle of balance of interests. If Cooking Europe (jointly) processes personal data on the basis of a balance of interests, Cooking Europe will list the legitimate interests and inform you of these.

Retention periods
When you visit our website, your personal data is not stored.

If you make general information requests and/or ask questions using the contact form, then ATS will store the personal data which is submitted as long as there is uninterrupted contact about one single topic. After no contact has taken place for four weeks, your personal data will be deleted within the following four weeks.

If you apply for a job or show interest in a vacancy or working for a company, then Cooking Europe will store your personal data for the duration of the application procedure and/or mutual interest is shown in the possible conclusion of an employment contract. Your personal data will be deleted within four weeks after the end of the application procedure or if no contact has been made for four weeks, at the latest within four weeks thereafter. The foregoing does not apply if you give permission to store your personal data for a longer period. In that case, your personal data is stored for a maximum period of one year after permission was granted.

In the event of complaints or disputes about the contact or the application procedure, your personal data will be stored during the handling of these complaints and disputes. Once it is clear that a complaint or dispute has been resolved, the personal data stored for this purpose will be deleted.


Additional information about provision and processing

Your personal data will not be provided to other parties, subject to some exceptions. For example, a legal obligation to hand over data, e.g. in the context of a criminal or tax investigation.

During an application procedure, it may be the case that your personal data is shared with one or several parties. These could include an external assessment agency or an HR advisor. There is no transfer of personal data to third-party countries or international organisations. Finally, there is no automated decision-making or profiling.


Your rights

On the basis of the AVG you are granted various rights with regard to your personal data:
– the right to access and copy;
– the right to rectification;
– the right to deletion;
– the right to limit processing;
– the right to object to the processing;
– the right to transferability of data;
– the right to not be subjected to automated decision-making.

If you would like to exercise your rights, you can submit a request via the contact details listed below this statement. Note: the rights listed above are not absolute. This means that Cooking Europe does not in all cases have to comply with a request to exercise one of the aforementioned rights.

Within a month after Cooking Europe has received a request to exercise one of the aforementioned rights, Cooking Europe will inform you. In doing so, Cooking Europe will indicate whether and how your request has been followed up and if not, why not. If necessary in connection with the request, Cooking Europe can extend the reaction period by one month. In that case, Cookin Europe will notify you within one month of the period within which it will respond. Exercising your right(s) is in principle free of charge.


Submitting a complaint to the regulatory body

It is possible that you, despite the careful approach of Cooking Europe, have a complaint about the way in which Cooking Europe processes your personal data and/or deals with your rights. You can then submit a complaint to the regulatory body. In the Netherlands, the Dutch Data Protection Authority is the regulatory body in the field of processing personal data. You can find the contact details of the Dutch Data Protection Authority at



This privacy statement can be modified. The modifications will be published on this website in a clear and timely manner.


Contact details

If you have questions about this privacy statement or would like to contact us in connection with exercising your rights, you can do this through our HR department. We’ll then see how we can help you.

Our contact details:
Cooking Europe VOF | Volkerak 10 5032TM Tilburg, Nedeland

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