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Sustainable and creative experiences

We develop sustainable and creative hospitality concepts with our international team of f&b consultants. Our hospitality concepts are profitable and focused on the guest’s experience. We know all the steps to opening a restaurant.

Food and Beverage concept development

F&B strategy

Concept Plan
The machine starts rolling!

Planning developing an F&B concept

An F&B concept is the heart and soul of your vision as an entrepreneur. It’s the narrative that threads through every dish, every sip, and every moment your guests spend in your space. It’s the essence that defines who you are, what you stand for, and what sets you apart in a sea of options. A hospitality concept, It’s a story that transcends mere sustenance and transforms into an unforgettable experience for guests. Our hospitality specialists are experienced in different f&b brands, from lifestyle hospitality, casual and fine casual experiences to fine dining.  

Positioning your brand

Brand positioning is the compass that guides every aspect of a new hospitality concept. It is more than just a statement; it’s the heart and soul of what we stand for. In order to develop a successful f&b brand, we need to stand out and make sure we have a soul.

The brand positioning in a restaurant is rooted in the fusion of unique selling points that sets us apart in the industry. We don’t just offer food or drinks, we offer a narrative, a symphony of flavors, a comfortable ambience, and a sensorial experience for guests. It is important to be aware of the f&b trends that are going on locally and worldwide, helping our f&b consultancy to position the brand in the right segment.

Tasting the recipe

We analyze the F&B concept and do specific market research on the selected locations considering all advantages and risks, competition, market trends, culture… We consider all the information in detail and adapt the hospitality concept accordingly. By making a financial feasibility study of the F&B strategy, we define the financial goals to ensure the profitability of the company.

Analyzing the market

In the Food and Beverage industry, understanding your market is not just a strategic advantage; it’s the start of success. At Cooking Europe, we recognize the pivotal role that comprehensive market research plays in shaping an F&B concept. Also, including your target audience, segmenting the market, and staying attuned to f&b trends can drive your hospitality venture to the future

Making it a success 

Feasibility is the litmus test that determines whether your F&B concept can thrive in the real world. It’s the process of examining key factors to ensure that your idea is not just imaginative but also practical and sustainable.

At Cooking Europe, we’re dedicated to helping you realize your hospitality vision by providing f&b advisory services. Our expertise empowers you to make informed decisions, ensuring your dreams and achieving your guests expectations.


All you need is food

Creating F&B experiences through the palate

Developing the menus and products we serve in a F&B outlet is a dynamic blend of creativity, market insight, and culinary expertise. It involves the thoughtful selection of dishes, drinks, and culinary proposals that reflect a restaurant’s unique identity and provides to the preferences of its target audience.

Menu engineering 

Menu engineering is the process behind creating menus that engage, and guide diners to make choices that benefit both their palate and your business. It’s about f&b strategy and about positioning dishes, utilizing design elements, and presenting options in a way that maximizes profitability while ensuring customer satisfaction. Our menu development consultant provides a full insight of how to develop a menu that stands out in a hospitality brand.

Presenting the experience 

OS&E ensures that every guest, experiences a full image of the restaurant. It’s about the comfort of well-designed seating, the convenience of strategically placed service stations, and the support of efficient storage solutions – all harmonizing to create a symphony of satisfaction for both guests and staff. While guests may not notice every piece of OS&E, its absence can disrupt the flow of your establishment. From kitchen utensils to guest amenities that add a touch of luxury, OS&E quietly ensures that every facet of your operations is finely tuned. A food consultant company like Cooking Europe is the perfect OS&E partner to develop your f&b outlet.

Concept factory portfolio

Noir et blanc

Coffee & Chocolate


Can you imagine having a taste of Belgian chocolate in a relaxing atmosphere and cute cafe interior? 

Noir et Blanc is all about high quality sustainable chocolate combined with pastries, hot and cold drinks, milkshakes and biscuits.

A place where you can relax and enjoy as you try to escape the daily stresses of life or just a meet up place with friends and families.

Here chocolate is the theme and you can feel the magic in the interior, traveling to all cacao fields of the world.



Comfortable | Sober | Sustainable | Sweet | Interactive

Red Lighthouse

Eclectic British Pub


Food and Beverage concept with a special and eclectic atmosphere where you can enjoy British pub food with a twist, homebrewed beers and cultural events. This authentic venue has a maritime and pirate young look with a timeless interior feeling.

The ornaments, the plants, the pictures, the classic furniture… all represent the story that is going to begin and

that you will not want to end because eating and drinking here is like being immersed in an amazing book.



Eclectic | Vintage | Casual | British | Sustainable 


Mediterranean concept


Céramique is a Mediterranean concept that gathers thousands of years of history, culture and people, goes from a fishing port in Sicily, from a wicker basket maker in Alicante to a market of spices in Beirut or a landscape such as Santorini. 

It gathers a world of bright and minimalistic materials, a relaxing atmosphere with touches of history together with a fusion of Mediterranean gastronomy that provokes fresh and powerful flavors.

The name of Ceramique represents a material that is special, historical and of course Mediterranean.



Bright | Historical | Minimalistic | Elegant  | Delicate


Paella & Tapas


An iconic dish, a casual atmosphere and the smell of firewood. This is the presentation of a traditional bar but adapted to the present. The Saffron Bar is a concept to go beyond the borders of rice and take it anywhere, from a market or the center of a big city to a festival or event.

A comfortable and functional interior with traditional Valencian touches that transport you to the rural environment where rice is harvested. Here, guests can interact with each other and live a personalized experience.


Eclectic | Tiled | Casual | Functional | Bites


Plant based disco concept


Welcome to the future! The Planet is changing, people want to be surprised and NEO is here to crash your mind. A concept that goes beyond the limits of right and wrong, discovering sustainable food for everybody.

The lights, the colorful panels, the darkness, all produce a mystery that challenges the guest to go further with the experience. 

A casual and friendly place full of imagination,taste and culture.


Disco | Modern | Plant based | Fusion | Surprising

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Let´s cook

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