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We provide efficient financial and guest satisfaction results for the company

We understand all needs of a F&B department so we can resolve problems working with all our team experienced in different specialties and reducing costs. Acting as a support of your restaurant or hotel assuming the direction of the F&B area. Taking care of the responsibilities that can improve your company and leading the branch to expected goals. We can operate a Food and Beverage brand to be successful and achieve the objectives.

Food & Beverage management and advice

F&B consulting

and advice
Helping and inspire

As a specialized food consultant company you can find in Cooking Europe a real partner with a complete know-how on each detail of this industry. We can provide monthly consulting to your brand in order to improve your F&B department and your guest satisfaction. We can act as your corporate food and beverage inspirator.

  • Executive management, KPI’s, reports, SWOT, Benchmarking.
  • Restaurant operations management.
  • Food and Beverage consultant (kitchen & service management).
  • Menu development and inspiration.
  • Vegan menu development consultant.
  • Corporate chef consultant.
  • Restaurant marketing plan.
  • Restaurant management software (Apicbase).


Use this knife is it better

We create personalized training based on the standards, methodologies and values of the company, sharing our experience in the hospitality industry with effective training. We use updated methods and techniques to offer strong knowledge. Our team of consultants and hospitality teachers develops effective content that will improve the skills of your employees.

  • Inhouse Food and Beverage training.

Through our partnership and collaboration with recognized hospitality consultants, we provide in-house training on specific valuable gastronomic skills such as international cooking, modern techniques, HACCP…

  • Onboarding for new staff members with hospitality management courses.

We analyze all the necessary training that employees need in a F&B branch.  We customize interactive training for all new employees according to the expectations and help candidates to onboard.

Standard operating procedures

SOP Manuals
The Google Maps for the business

We develop restaurant SOP manuals that are easy to read and understandable for all the team. Being consistent in a company is the key. A manual of operations is an instrument that has to be in constant evolution. All changes in procedures have to be updated correctly following the standards that build customer loyalty. With videos, graphics and interactions all the documentation of your company will be accessible for your team.

  • Supplier portfolio.
  • Franchise manual.
  • Service sequence and guest relations.
  • Restaurant kitchen plans manual.
  • Equipment & specifications manual.
  • Company rules and human resources procedures.



Do you want to have the right and updated info about the hospitality industry?

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Let´s cook

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