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How to create an innovative and profitable concept for your hospitality business

Creation of Food & Beverage concepts

Cooking Europe. Tilburg, june 16th 2022.

At Cooking Europe we are continuously looking for ways to understand the culinary proposals that work in the hospitality industry. We create gastronomic concepts and design restaurants and bars with the aim that our clients continue with a long-term and sustainable project.


We always like to understand gastronomy while enjoying it, since the most innovative projects come from the experiences of our team.


A beach bar like Ayo in Nerja (Spain) catches our attention. Talking with the owner we realized a simple reason why his restaurant is a successful gastronomic concept. It simply sells wood-fired Paellas as its differentiating identity from other restaurants or bars in the area and also does what the customer expects, does it. It seems like a good reason for a restaurant to be successful, but of course, always have to prevail the perseverance, sacrifice and quality.


Ayo begins its journey on the beach at the end of the sixties. Some customers asked him for a paella for eight and seeing how happy the guests were, he said, why don’t I make this dish more often? Today in 2022 bases its gastronomic concept on this typical Valencian product. The beach bar performs services of 1000 dinners a day. A great hospitality success.


Paella Concept for restaurant


The identity of a restaurant or an Food & Beverage department is the key to creating a story that attracts the guests attention. All the details in the design, conceptualization and communication of the gastronomic project are the instruments that will create that experience and we have to base the daily work of the company on them. How do we create the identity of your restaurant or bar in Cooking Europe?



We have to understand and know where the new project is. For this reason, we constantly travel knowing and visiting interesting hospitality businesses.


Target audiences.

Addressing the right customer is essential so that what we want to convey in our hospitality company has results and interests the right customer.


Local culture and product.

We have to know what we have around us and use it correctly. You can create a restaurant identity that has nothing to do with the culture of the chosen place, but you must not lose the roots.


Sensory experience.

A design and interior design appropriate to what we sell in the restaurant, a suitable environment, attractive communication and a creative gastronomic experience, are the perfect cocktail for a restaurant or bar.



Hospitality projects must be constant and long-term. By maintaining the appropriate quality and service standards we can establish a lasting connection with the client.


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