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We design beautiful spaces that match with the hospitality concepts

The goal of our restaurant decorator is to get into the mind of the guest, an image of your restaurant that is different from the rest. They must enjoy and interact with the design to repeat the experience later, transforming it into their favorite hospitality destination.

Interior design for hospitality

Concept phase:
Look & Feel
the power of the senses

The work will be carried out by our hospitality designer setting the plans. The fundamental aspects⁣ and characteristics of the draft concept, brand layout, will be defined and presented. This will⁣ provide a first global image of the interior design for hospitality, materials and specifications.

  • Concept development of possible solutions, options and variants.
  • Descriptive plans and graphic document.
  • Customer flow.
  • Material proposal.
  • Moodboards.
  • Commercial Kitchen designer drafts.
interiors that catch the emotions

The project includes a set of plans⁣ and graphic documents in which our architect and restaurant construction manager choose the materials, qualities and corresponding facilities. That  will be described⁣ and set up, at a convenient scale for proper implementation on-site.

  • Brand masterplans.
  • Materials and specifications.
  • Schematic design (lighting, plumbing, mechanical, Hvac…).
  • Miniature architecture model.
  • 3D simulations for key areas.
  • Complete brand equipment (FF&E / OS&E).
  • Commercial Kitchen designer drafts and restaurant kitchen layout.
  • Complete interior fit out.
Some projects developed

Projects from our kitchen

Let´s cook
Let´s cook

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