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We search and select international talent including management and operational staff

We are a hospitality specialist searching and selecting executive and operational profiles for hotels, restaurants and catering brands. We look for the perfect match between candidates and companies. Always seeking the success of the employees and employers.

International hospitality recruitment


of recruitment

the people are the main ingredient

DIRECT SELECTION – We attract the best qualified candidates in hospitality to add value to your team from day one, counting on a team of hotel and F & B consultants specialized in the selection of creative and motivated professionals.


TEAM IMPLEMENTATION – We take care of the entire process, from the phase of attracting candidates to the design of the right team and values, always adapting to the needs of your company and your guests.


INTERIM MANAGEMENT – We offer qualified candidates for specific projects or during a specific period. We attract and select the best talent for strategic positions. We can help your company as an internal HR department providing results working on the company goals and implementing the required hospitality training courses.

30 min in the oven

1.- Defining strategy

We analyze the situation of your company and create a successful strategy.

2.- Attracting talent

We launch multi-channel acquisition campaigns based in the hospitality sector.

3.- Select and evaluate

We identify the right candidates and interview them, communicating constantly with your company.

4.- Follow up

We manage registrations, contracts and paperwork. Providing a very close service to the candidates, we make sure that everything is properly in place.  

5.- Intro and onboarding

We are present in the introduction of the employee and make sure there is a perfect onboarding into the company.

6.- Retain the talent

Making a constant relationship with employee and employer, we realize the goals of both. We advice your company during the complete employment period.

We can cook a quote

tell us the ingredients
We can cook a quote
tell us the ingredients

Cooking Europe provides staff for the hospitality and F&B industry across Europe.

For Switzerland we work with Koraal Group.

Send us your information and we will make an offer adjusted to the needs of your business.

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Each person is different, everyone has a place and a talent. In cooking europe we select and train looking at each personality.

The funny one

The creative

The leader

The helpful one

The serious

Do you want to wear the hat?

We are one of the leading hospitality recruitment agencies for talent that looks for experience abroad

Let´s cook
Let´s cook

* If you contact us you are accepting our Privacy Policy.

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The Netherlands. Tilburg, Bredaseweg 204-11. 5038.
Switzerland. Zug, Grabenstrassen 32, 6300.