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What is an SOP or Standard Operations Procedure manual in the restaurant or Food & Beverage department?

Food & Beverage Asset Management

Cooking Europe. Tilburg, August 19th, 2022.

An standard operations manual is a reference guide that contains all the information about how the hotel’s restaurant or F&B department works.⁣


The purpose pursued by an standard operations manual is to introduce any interested person, especially employees, to knowing how the company performs, as well as the elements that compose it such as: its context, structure, positions, processes and procedures, activities, policies and established rules, among other relevant information related to its operation.


It basically serves as a guide for us to follow the established processes correctly.

Why do we have to use it correctly?

Simply to maintain the same quality and methodology standards throughout the activity.


When we go to a restaurant, we continually encounter a problem. The quality of the services offered are different depending on the day we go, or depending on the person who attends us. As guests, we perceive a different gastronomic experience and perhaps, if that experience does not appeal to us, we stop going to that restaurant. The operations and procedures manual establishes quality and service parameters that help restaurant workers to always serve food in the same way and then improve the guest experience.


Being consistent in a restaurant, franchise or hotel is the key.

A manual of procedures or operations for a restaurant or for a franchise is an instrument that has to be in constant evolution. All changes in procedures must be updated so that the hotel business or the hotel’s Food & Beverage department correctly follows the standards that build guests loyalty.


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What aspects are important to include in this restaurant or franchise standard operations procedures manual?

  • Gastronomic concept and culinary management.

We must start with this section since it is the most creative and the one that will base our hotel business idea or our gastronomic proposal. You have to take into account the creation of the menus, both food and drink menus. The public we want to address and what anyone has to feel when they enter a restaurant or a franchise.

  • Management and Operation of all areas of the restaurant or F & B departments.

How are we going to serve the guest our gastronomic offer? At this time, all these steps and procedures must be added to the management of each Food & Beverage department or restaurant.



  • Staff  administration and Human Resources Management.

The human resources of the company today are the engine of any hotel and restaurant company. We have always heard that if the worker is happy, our restaurant will work well. So yes! 



  • Purchases, inventory and suppliers.

Are we going to buy a different product in our bar or restaurant every day? It seems like a creative idea but it is not constant in terms of quality and price. Keeping track of suppliers, product quality and inventory helps the restaurant to be profitable.

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Food health and safety.

HACCP. A system that must be implemented in our Food & Beverage department or in our restaurant. It is essential to be able to sell food products in good condition and minimize risks and intoxications.

  • Safety

All hospitality establishments need safety standards, whether we are referring to fires, workplace safety or guests safety. At the end of the day, restaurant customers and employees have to feel comfortable and also avoid accidents.



  • Marketing and promotion of the restaurant or hotel

Can any company sell itself? The marketing and commercialization of the restaurant is a task that requires creativity and perseverance both before opening and throughout the activity. Selling our restaurant well online and offline is going to make our customers and loyalty grow.



  • Financial and administrative management

A restaurant also needs a solid financial structure and constant administrative monitoring to identify problems and trends. It is good to write down in the operations manual, all the instruments and jobs necessary for this department


  • Use of catering materials and machinery.

All company workers must be well trained in the use of any machinery and material for its correct use. Detailed lists must be made of everything necessary for the operations of the restaurant, franchise or bar.⁣ This affects directly the productivity of our hospitality business.


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  • Facility Maintenance

How to maintain all the facilities of the Food & Beverage department correctly? An explanatory guide for each space or machinery is essential and then ensure that the client perceives everything in operation.


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