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Successful onboarding in your F&B department


Cooking Europe.Tilburg, April 30th 2023

A successful onboarding of new employees can mean the success of your business.


We are currently experiencing a staff shortage in the hospitality industry,  so once we find a talent, we must do everything possible to keep it from leaving after a few months. And how do we start this? Simple, we must begin working on it from day one.This is why your restaurant, hotel or bar needs to conduct effective onboarding.


The onboarding process focuses on making a correct annexation of the recruited person to your f&b department from the first day of work. Hiring a new worker is critical, which is why we must take a few steps to ensure that the candidate believes they have chosen the best restaurant or hotel to work for.



What are the steps to perform?

  1. Planning


Plan the incorporation of your new employee to the company. Prepare a welcome document that explains your company, organize the schedules and leave all the necessary documents and procedures ready so that the incorporation does not have any obstacles. In addition, inform the staff of your restaurant or hotel so that they make a warm and comfortable welcome to the new employee. As well as offering the employee a contact person to resolve his doubts and to ask all the questions that arise in the first days.



2.-Hospitality training


Train your new employee with the operation of your restaurant or hotel, as well as with all the processes that he must carry out and learn.  Remember that the employee has accepted your job offer and has knowledge of the company, but is unaware of the exact execution process in your restaurant or hotel.


A good and effective way to carry out this staff training is with courses created exclusively for your restaurant or hotel. You can include all of the necessary information in them in an interactive and functional way for the employee to learn all the information. Cooking Europe is a leading provider of specialized interactive courses and training in your catering establishment.




Schedule a guided day where you introduce to the candidate the establishment, the colleagues, the work team… As well as holding an informal meeting where they can feel calm and answer questions.





The onboarding process does not end with the first day of work. You must carry out continuous monitoring to observe and make sure that the employee has no doubts and feels comfortable in his job.


Do you want to have efficient onboarding in your restaurant or hotel? Would you like to have personalized courses for your employees? Cooking Europe we are an international recruitment hospitality agency that can help you with the hiring process of your staff, as well as in the subsequent step. With good onboarding you will get your employees to be more prepared, as well as motivated in their job.


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