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Creation of work teams in the hospitality industry and promotion of a good work environment


Cooking Europe. Tilburg, January 14th 2023.

This week we learned that according to the director of the NCPSB (National Center for Prevention Stress and Burnout) Theo Immers, 82% of the young population in the Netherlands has been close to show symptoms of stress or burnout. We believe that this is a very high figure and that many factors probably enter into the causes of this stress. Perhaps the fear of failing an exam or, for example, entering a company for the first time to work.



At Cooking Europe we want to focus on how this data affects the hospitality sector and how we can help restaurants and hotels to resolve the promotion of stable work teams both in the kitchen and in the dining room.



We have to think that the basis of a hospitality concept or project is to provide a space and a moment of pleasure to its customers and as soon as the customer perceives a feeling of stress in the employee of the restaurant, bar or hotel, it is very easy that the client feels direct rejection of this establishment. We know that one of the most important or probably the most important parts of a hospitality business is the human factor and how the user appreciates the person who is serving them. Working on the happiness and comfort of employees in the company is essential so that these negative situations do not influence the client.


But, attention! This happiness and comfort has to have a training and a creation of expectations according to what we expect from the employees that we have in the restaurant or hotel. If the expectations and objectives of the company are low or of poor quality, the workers also perceive a disenchantment with the project. And they realise of that, the professionals in hospitality have an extra sense.



Staff for your restaurant


What parameters or objectives do we have to implement in our restaurant or hotel to create a good work environment?



  1. Company structure.

The restaurant must have a defined and clear structure and also provide a good procedures manual. All restaurant employees must be clear about the way they work and who is leading the company goals.


  1. Quality and originality.

If the restaurant employees perceive that what they present or prepare does not meet the expected quality, they will not feel the satisfaction of a well done job. It is important that the gastronomic concept or the offer is original, with quality and adapted to the target audience.


  1. Selection of the right staff.

We can see that at the moment there is a very high demand for staff in the hospitality sector. This means that many restaurants and hotels are recruiting the wrong people as they have a quick need to fill. It is very important and although it is a difficult process since recruitment depends a lot on each person, having a good talent selection structure will make the company avoid hiring toxic staff or those who can create a bad environment at work.



  1. Monitoring of human resources.

Maintaining a constant monitoring of the happiness, stress level, workload and quality of each worker during the contract period will create a mutual collaboration between the team since the department leaders will be able to anticipate negative situations. Holding regular individual and group meetings will help all employees feel comfortable in the restaurant or hotel.


  1. Great working conditions.

Of course, restaurant employees must have a salary, and benefits according to the objectives they have to meet, but a working condition can also be rewarding, communicating, promoting, creating, connecting, listening…



At Cooking Europe we use many more parameters and objectives to help our clients and we also form teams and maintain quality through consultancies, training courses, group experiences to promote the work environment, personnel selection…


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